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What is delidding?

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What is delidding?

Our delidding service includes replacing the Thermal Interface Material (thermal paste or solder) inside your processor for liquid metal.

We use Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut due to its long life span, reliability, and thermal conductivity.

Liquid Metal vs Thermal Paste

Thermal conductivity of liquid metal is over nine times greater than that of an average thermal paste. With liquid metal applied, the CPU can transfer heat quickly and more efficiently - allowing for higher clock speeds and more aggressive voltage.

Is it safe?

Absolutely! Well... if done correctly - that is the key ingredient.
While busting out a vice and doing it the hard way might be just fine for some, the result will not be as efficient and poses a risk.

Understandably, getting the proper equipment might get a little expensive, that is where we come in - purchasing an affordable one-time service is a much better option for many (and rightly so) than buying a delid kit for a one-time job.

Benefits of Liquid Metal vs Thermal Paste

Please refer to the table for estimates on temperature decrease across all supported generations.

These numbers represent a combination of customer feedback and other already known online figures. With that said, every processor is different, and so are the temperatures.

Therefore, you should only use this as a rough estimate.

Generation Estimated °C reduction under 100% RealBench stress test
14th [Raptor Lake] 5 - 19°C
13th [Raptor Lake] 5 - 19°C
12th [Alder Lake] 5 - 19°C
10th [Comet Lake] 5 - 11°C
9th [Coffee Lake Refresh] 6 - 15°C
8th [Coffee Lake] 13 - 26°C
7th [Kabylake] 17 - 29°C
6th [Skylake] 17 - 30°C
5th [Devil's Canyon] 13 - 28°C
4th [Haswell] 11 - 30°C
3rd [Sandy Bridge] 12 - 27°C

Our procedure

These are the steps we undertake when delidding any CPU.

    •   DELID - Remove the IHS
    •   Remove any old TIM (thermal paste or solder) and give it a thorough clean with Isopropyl Alcohol / Flitz Polish
    •   Coat all exposed transistors & contacts on the PCB to prevent any possibility of an electrical short
    •   Apply liquid metal (TG Conductonaut Extreme) to both the CPU die and the IHS to ensure proper contact
    •   RELID - Seal the IHS of your choice back onto the PCB using high-temperature RTV silicone (optional)


With hundreds of succesfully serviced chips, we are very experienced in this field. Do not just take our word for it though, over 500 customers already left us positive feedback on Trustpilot and eBay!


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International delivery

Please note that international parcels are subject to customs charges when you send your CPU to us for servicing. For more details, please visit the website. If you live outside the UK, we offer 2 delivery methods in the basket to choose from.

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Got any questions?

If you are attempting deliding yourself, or simply curious, feel free to send us a message and we will be more than happy to assist!