Delid service for Intel LGA2066 + Copper IHS


Delid & relid service to exchange the current Thermal Interface Material (thermal paste) for Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut (liquid metal), as well as changing the stock IHS for our excellent pure Copper IHS which has higher thermal conductivity thanks to its increased surface area. This process reduces temperatures by 13-31°C - exact number differs from chip to chip. Note that this service requires you to post your processor to us to be serviced.

This service includes
• DELID - Taking the IHS off using a professional tool from der8auer; Delid-die-mate X
• Cleaning the thermal paste with 99.9% Isopropyl alcohol and removing old silicone
• Coating all exposed transistors & contacts on the surface to prevent any possibility of an electrical short
• Applying liquid metal to both the CPU die and the IHS to ensure proper contact
• RELID - Sealing the Copper IHS tightly onto the PCB using high-temperature RTV silicone (same type Intel uses to seal the processor in the factory)

Supported processors
• Core i5 [7640X]
• Core i7 [7800X, 7820X]
• Core i9 [7900X, 7920X, 7940X, 7960X, 7980XE]
• Please check our Compatibility list to ensure we can service your processor


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