Delid service for Intel LGA3647


Delid & relid service to exchange the current Thermal Interface Material (thermal paste) for Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut (liquid metal) which has higher thermal conductivity at 73 W/mk (4-12.5 W/mk - thermal paste). This process reduces temperatures by 10-22°C - exact number differs from chip to chip. Note that this service requires you to post your processor to us to be serviced.

This service includes
• DELID - Taking the IHS off using a professional tool from der8auer; Delid-die-mate WS 3647
• Cleaning the thermal paste with 99.9% Isopropyl alcohol and removing old silicone
• Coating all exposed transistors & contacts on the surface to prevent any possibility of an electrical short
• Applying Conductonaut Extreme to both the CPU die and the IHS to ensure proper contact
• RELID - Sealing the Copper IHS tightly onto the PCB using high-temperature RTV silicone

Supported processors
• All Intel Xeon Phi and Xeon Skylake SP processors for the LGA 3647 socket


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